Monday, 17 January 2011

something inspired by Tired Pony's song Pieces

Float with me on dreaming oceans
Where you taste the salt and
Swallow away the light of the day
So you make it midnight.

Slow your breath and make it see
Me; look directly in the eyes
Of eternity which weep and so I
Dry them.

Efforts are scrambled like the skies
And understanding of the clouds
Is as limited as how far you can
Thrown the stars; an armthrow away
From the salty seas of another day.

The future feels smooth with warmth
And you look towards a clock which
Isn't there yet; to the point where
You could never forget what used to never
Be and shrug away the small smiles.

The walls crawl with insects which you
Carefully forget and the shoes with their
Laces were always aware.

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